Cheltenham Festival Betting Options

The United Kingdom’s top bookmakers make a variety of betting markets open for each of the races that make up the Cheltenham Festival. If you’re new to betting on horseracing, don’t miss out on this guide to the various Cheltenham Festival betting options.

Betting on a winner: No matter which race you’re betting on, betting on the winner is the easiest and most self-explanatory way to bet on horseracing. Simply root out the horses that you don’t think will make it and then pick the one you think has what it takes to win your chosen race. Betting on a winner is usually easiest and most reliable when a clear favourite has emerged in the Cheltenham Festival horse racing betting markets for any given race.

Betting each way: Betting each way allows you to hedge your bets if you’re confident that your horse will finish placed, but not entirely sure the horse will win. Each way betting involves doubling your stake, with half of this placed on the horse winning and the other half wagered on the horse placing at 1/4 of the selected odds. If the horse finishes placed but doesn’t win you’ll take home a return on the place bet. However if the horse wins you’ll get paid out for both aspects of the bet, collecting the dividend for a placed finish as well as the payout on the horse’s odds of winning the race.

Betting on a placed finish: Place betting involves picking horses that you think have what it takes to finish placed (in the top 3 to 5 depending on the size of the field) in a specific race. This form of betting allows you to bet on more than one strong horse in each race and possibly collect dividends on a handful of horses in a single race. This option also suits more cautious punters who are willing to forgo higher odds in favour of improving their chances of earning a payout.

Forecast and Tricast Betting: If you think you can predict which horses will finish placed in a race, and what their finishing order will be, then forecast betting is for you. This option comes in two formats, as you can either bet on which 2-3 horses will finish placed (irrespective of finishing order) or you can attempt to predict the exact finishing order for the top 2 horses in the Forecast markets or the top 3 horses in the Tricast markets. Successful bets pay out at top odds.

Match Betting: Fancy taking a bet on which of two top rated hurdlers or chasers will win a Cheltenham Festival race? If you do, the match betting markets could offer some great betting opportunities. All you need to do is pick the winner any any race match set up by the bookmakers, and if your selection outperforms the other selection in the match your bet wins.

Jollies and Rags: Jollies and Rags betting is a variation on match betting. These betting markets pit anywhere from 1 to 3 of the entries in a race against the remainder of the field. You can either back these entries to produce the winner or place a bet on one of the members of the field taking victory in the race.

Do your Cheltenham Festival betting online: Big events like the Cheltenham Festival produce odds long in advance of the races. The early odds are some of the best and the best way to take advantage of the early odds is to do your Cheltenham Festival horse racing betting online. Registering and making your first deposit is quick and painless, and all the Cheltenham Festival betting options and odds are easily accessible.Taking this option also allows you to take advantage of best price and place specials offered by the United Kingdom and Ireland’s leading bookmakers.